Featured Projects

Six Solitaire Games Pack GUI.

Solitaire Magic — Tablet App for Android.

This Games Pack is a constant Top 10 inhabitant of B&N App Store (15K+ apps) brings endless fun to solitaire games fans.

The whole look of each game is adjustable: Card Deck design, Background image, Mahjong tile style. The app records best scores and awards you with Trophies.

Detailed description along with more pics is available here.

Two Hidden Objects Games GUI.

3 Hidden Objects Adventures & 3 Hidden Objects Mysteries.

These two 3 in 1 Android Tablet Apps give more than 4.3K hidden objects to find in 290+ Scenes. Each of 6 Games/Stories, has it’s unique look, sounds and music.

Users say these two are the most valuable apps among other hidden objects available at B&N and Amazon app stores.

Beautiful scenes, UI shots and additional info regarding design process you can find here.

Word Games — GUI & Art Direction.

5 Word Games. A single Android Tablet App.

Word Search, Kriss Kross, Quote Falls, Hangman & Speed Words are inside. They form a best selling B&N word games app.

5 unique GUI designs (one per game), a bunch of features, up to 4 difficulty levels, 10 characters to rescue, beautiful trophies & golden stars to win in 160+ categories and 500+ quotes quest. Everything above is for the most valuable and entertaining word games app.

Visit this page to find an all-embracing description of the pack.