Solitaire Magic


Logo Inscription Sketch

The whole graphics work had been started with main screen logo and app store icon designs.

Initial phase of this quick sketch revealed letter style we would like to use for app name written at the very first screen user sees launching the app. It’s been decided not to incorporate any other elements to the logo. Signs & icons we tried were making type looking busy and found excessive. Besides, it’s clear Solitaire Magic text provides enough identity by it’s text appearance. Eventually, logo text style was applied to almost each and every UI text element. Detailed process and more info on this project lettering will be posted to Lettering list in near future.

Main screen buttons.

Main Screen Buttons

After finalising logotype look and feel, it was a turn of Main Screen buttons design. Graphically, it’s been necessary to illustrate each game in iconic and contracted form in order to build graphical anchors for users being able quickly identify a game they want to select and play. This work generated ideas for several app’s enhancements and features such us Custom Backgrouds, custom Card Deck design options etc.


Script Deck.

Script Deck

Early development stages diagnosed weak legibility of public domain designs used for card faces (4 sets). Therefore, assuming the fact I had already designed several card faces for Main Screen buttons, additional decks design was started. Firstly, two different styles were created for Solitaire and Spider games. Then, three more decks were added: two designs to be used in Spider only and another for Free Cell. As a result, Solitaire Magic has 9 card face styles available for users via options.


Bold Deck.

Bold Deck


Spider Deck.

Spider Deck

Solitaire Magic Trophies.

Solitaire Magic Trophies

Users are awarded with a Trophy in Solitaire, Mahojng and Spider games. Wooden ones are the easiest to get. Stabilis is for Solitaire Experts, those who are able to get a base score greater than 650. Virtus Dragon will be yours after 15 Mahjong levels won. Unicorns are so rare, as rare as number of those who can win Spider Solitaire in 4 suits mode!

Custom Backgrounds

Optional backgrounds are game themed. They give more customisation freedom and add to user experience a bit of zest. Water streams (4 Rivers), mixes of suits are for Solitaire game, dragons and chinese watercolour calligraphy for Mahjong and so on. 38 backgrounds in total. Yep, this makes app download slightly longer, however, aren’t you getting bored looking at the same board image in Windows Solitaire?

Free Cell You Won dialog.

Free Cell You Won! Dialog

Let’s briefly have a look at UI elements design. The figure above shows how simplistic and legible the overall look is.
It’s not overwhelmed with graphics, extra elements and any other distracting noise such as icons, fancy borders etc. Solitaire Magic styled type is used everywhere: buttons, dialog titles, panels, game level names.